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May 18, 2008
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Fatty Stoole by Doomsday-Device Fatty Stoole by Doomsday-Device
A true American icon.
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And again, ? .
Doomsday-Device May 18, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A few days ago, My friends and I went out to eat as Chilis. And whenever we do anything together, we usually end up making up weird scenarios and stories. Fatty "Sweets" Stoole came up as a joke about a restaurant called "Stoole Bar and Grill", where the food names always incorporated the word "stool" in some way. Then, it turned into a story about the owner of the restaurant, and how he was this incredibly smelly old man that was always disgusting his customers in the process of just trying to me nice and friendly.
Then, the story became a faux "documentary" about "the life of "Fatty "Sweets" Stoole". How he was at one time owned several oil wells, was the lead singer of the first band that could be classified as "speed-metal" (in the 1940s), spent nearly 15 years homeless after the stock crash in 1929, was sent to prison for 10 years for being found guilty of raping a woman in Alabama, started a previous restaurant that failed miserably, and was at one time cursed by a Gypsy to have horrible body odor.
By the time we'd finished eating, it turned out that one of the people "interviewed" in the "documentary" that had been a life-long "friend" of Fatty Stoole, was actually the person that had sticked the Gypsy into cursing him, framed him to take the rap for the rape in Alabama, and had also committed several other crimes that Fatty had long been thought guilty of. All of these things were found out because this person had become senile before he'd been interviewed and accidentally confessed to the crimes on camera.
However, by the time the documentary was in production, Fatty Stoole had been missing for 3 months, and by the time the documentary had been released, he was declared dead and eventually exonerated of his criminal record due to the confessions in the documentary by the "friend".

Trust me, this isn't the simplest thing my friends and I have made up, and we've been doing it since the 6th grade.
Great Caesar's Ghost, that is an indepth scenario!
Doomsday-Device May 18, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, and the really asinine thing is that it all started as poop-joke based on the name "stoole". :paranoid:
thats actually how i pictured him
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